Future Plans

Current Uses

Currently the online version of Whiteboard runs across a wide range of devices, including mobile and tablet devices. This is restricted however based on the browser used.

Kainos currently has staff based across a wide range of office locations including Belfast, Gdansk, Bristol, Boston, London and Amsterdam. Whiteboard therefore provides teams that are split across many geographical locations with the ability to collaborate through use of a whiteboard canvas in real time alongside audio and video transmission.

Potential Use Cases

Kainos, however is one use case amongst many. Although it was developed with software development teams in mind, Whiteboard is useful to a range of other contexts such as healthcare and particularly education.

Since the whiteboard project is hosted by Heroku it can be accessed by any device that can be connected to internet, including relatively inexpensive devices. This therefore provides a great opportunity to schools and other educational bodies who may wish to avail of services like this but also need to keep costs to a minimum.

Ideas For Development

With these use cases in mind, the following ideas are some ways that whiteboard could be further developed:

ADFS/Office365 Integration

Kainos uses Office365/Outlook in order to manage the booking of meeting rooms, as likely do a lot of other businesses and institutions. It would therefore be useful if whiteboard could also book a room through it's "Create new meeting" functionality and have this display in any relevant meeting rooms calendars.

User Friendly Contact Addition

Currently the only way a user can add their own contacts to be used for the "Create new meeting" functionality is to install whiteboard locally and manually add any contacts they wish to use within the code itself.

Whiteboard could be more user friendly through use of an "Add contact" button which would allow the user to store contacts through the interface of the program itself. All contacts associated with a particular user could then be stored on a server.